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Welcome to the Welwyn Garden City Judo Club

Welwyn Garden City has had the good fortune of a well run Judo club for over 40 years. The popularity of this club has been mainly down to the teaching but the location at the Gosling Sports Park, only half a mile from Junction 4 off the A1 motorway has helped. We try to encourage as many people to try judo as we can and welcome people from other martial arts disciplines to come and have a go, we believe we have something to offer everyone.

A typical session at our club

It has always been a club that enjoys a hard session and has attracted many visiting judoka from the UK and abroad. There is ample room for those that wish to watch, but for those that want to have a go, there is always a jacket and belt available for you, plus a lot of friendly encouragement.

Judo is now an Olympic combat sport taught around the world by many people all practising under the same set of rules and with the same values that it's founder, Dr Jigaro Kano set out many years ago.

Information for Beginners

We always welcome people without any previous martial arts experience. Should you be interested in having a go at judo, then please do not hesitate in contacting us via email or just pop in to see us.

Begginers are always welcome, if possible do try to email your intention to visit, so that we may ensure there is an available suit in your size for you to borrow. For your first lesson with us, please wear loose comfortable tracksuit or jogging bottoms. Please remember to remove all jewelry and trim fingernails to avoid cuts and scratches. Showers are available, so please bring your towel and wash kit.

Your first lesson will consist of learning to fall safely and an explanation of the rules of judo, you then learn at your own pace. If you decide to take up judo, you will be required to purchase a British Judo Association licence, this is so that you and the person you train with are properly insured. Judo is a contact sport and accidents can happen, although this is rare, it is still necessary to obtain a licence to train.

Childrens Classes

Please click on the 'Juniors' tab in the top menu bar to find out all you need to know about the Welwyn Garden City Junior Judo Club.

Welwyn Garden City Judo Club

Based at Gosling Stadium, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Telephone: 07966 273 062, Email:

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