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Graeme Welsh - 3rd Dan

Instructor Graeme Welsh

Graeme has been training at the Welwyn Garden City judo club for 20 years and has been running the senior section for the past 8 years. Graeme has won many titles some of which include:

  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. Awarded under Roger Graciy and Nick Brooks.
  • National Youth Champion -18
  • Welsh Open -18 gold
  • British Trials - 21-78kgs silver 1987
  • World Firefighters Games, Perth, Australia 1994 - 86kgs gold
  • World Firefighters Games, Perth, Australia 1994 - open gold
  • World Firefighters Games, Edmonton, Canada 1996 - 86kgs gold
  • British Masters 2004 - 81kgs gold
  • World Firefighters Games, 2004 - 81kgs gold

Graeme has been twice to Japan firstly in 1990 and secondly in 1999 where he trained at the Kanagawa Budokan. Even he does occasionally get thrown.

Andy Bonfield - 4th Dan

Instructor Andy Bonfield

Andy has been training at the Welwyn Garden City Judo Club since the early eighties and is still an active competitor on the veteran circuit taking 5th place in the 1999 National Veterans Competition and third place in the 2000 National Veterans Competition.

  • British masters 2002 -100k gold
  • British masters 2003 -100k gold
  • British Masters 2004 - 100kg bronze

Andy has been running the junior section for many years now.

Further Information

Both our instructors are level 2 Judo coaches and have taught Judo for many years to a wide range of people and can, and will, work with anyone who shows an interest in learning Judo and take them to whatever level their ability allows them to attain.

Some people practice Judo because they want to win medals and they get satisfaction from competing, others like to practice just for the fitness aspect. Some older judoka like a more formal study of Judo known as kata, this is a study of Judo techniques through a set pattern of movements this is a great skill building exercise and reduces the risk of injury. Whatever your personal goal we can help you achieve it.

All persons who practice Judo should have a current British Judo Association licence, this licence is your insurance policy and protects you should you have an injury or cause an injury and allows the club to function.

For further information, please use the link to British judo, which is located on our links page.

It must be remembered that Judo is a hard combat sport and injuries do happen, having said that they are not common so do not be put off!

WGC Judo is a member club of the British Judo Association and as such practices according to its rules and regulations.

Welwyn Garden City Judo Club

Based at Gosling Stadium, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.

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